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Byzantine Ancient Gold Coin

Byzantine Ancient Gold Coin Coins: Ancient photo   Category : Coins: Ancient > Byzantine (300-1400 AD)
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Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by 5igi5m0ndbfe9 (Nov 2, 2012)
Item Information
Category : Coins: Ancient > Byzantine (300-1400 AD)Id number: 95922
Estimated value: around 300 USD
More info
He created a system based on a gold coin, a solidus or solid (gold), made from pure gold (23 ½ k) with a weight of 4,4 gr
The solidus was marked with the letters OB, meaning, if it is read as letters, obryzum “pure gold” or if it is read as a numeral, “72”, from one pound of gold, the emperor minted 72 gold coins
Moreover, coins like this were minted in Thessalonik, Antiochia, Cyzic and so on
Also, a VI century situation must be mentioned, when the emperor minted some particular gold coins
Instead of 24 siliqua or 4,4 grams, they had a weight of 4,0-4,2 gr
Of course, you can hardly feel the difference between a 4,2 gr
coin and a 4,4 gr
coin but for the imperial house, that minted thousands of coins like these, it meant a big economy of gold
For example, at a mintage of 10000 coins, the emperor saved around 2 kg of gold
These coins were minted with the same dies as the normal solidus
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