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Aquila Severa Coin Tyre

Aquila Severa Coin Tyre Coins: Ancient photo   Category : Coins: Ancient > Roman: Provincial (100-400 AD)
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Aquila Severa Coin Tyre Coins: Ancient photo 1Aquila Severa Coin Tyre Coins: Ancient photo 2Aquila Severa Coin Tyre Coins: Ancient photo 3


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by psih-or-log (May 10, 2015)
Item Information
Category : Coins: Ancient > Roman: Provincial (100-400 AD)Id number: 136145
Country/Region of Manufacture: LebanonEstimated value: around 80 USD
More info
Sizes27.85 mm 12.10 g
OBVIVL AQVILIA SEVERA AVG Diademed and draped bust right
REVTYRIORVM Asarte crowning trophy, and being crowned by Nike standing on pillar behind, all inside hexastyle temple, altar below
BMC - , similar reverse seen for Aquilia Severa as BMC 417
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