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Israel 10 Pruta, 1949 - Coin -

Israel 10 Pruta,  1949 - Coin - Middle East photo   Category : Coins: World > Middle East > Israel
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Israel 10 Pruta,  1949 - Coin - Middle East photo 1


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by religion-d (Jul 3, 2012)
Item Information
Category : Coins: World > Middle East > IsraelId number: 91102
Country of Manufacture: IsraelYear: 1949
Composition: BronzeEstimated value: under 10 USD

Sub GeoNot Available
Coinage TypeReform Coinage
Denomination10 Pruta
Catalog NumberKM# 11
Mint LocationHeaton, ICI
Obverse DescriptionAmphora
Reverse DescriptionValue within wreath
Diameter (mm.)27
More info
One example from the series is smallest denomination known as the 10 Pruta or 10 Prutot
The singular form "pruta" instead of the plural "prutot" was erroneously minted on the five- and ten-pruta coins
The denomination ceased to be recognized as legal tender February 22,1980
DesignThe obverse design was based on the Bar-Kochba coin (132 - 135 C.E
In 1949, the reverse design features the denomination "10 Pruta" and the date in Hebrew inside two stylized olive branches around the rim (types 1 & 2 coins)
In 1957, the reverse would be modified again to change the denomination to “10 Prutot”
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