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Sweden 10 Ore, 1979

Sweden 10 Ore,  1979 Europe photo   Category : Coins: World > Europe > Sweden
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Sweden 10 Ore,  1979 Europe photo 1


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by pendalf-white (Apr 3, 2012)
Item Information
Category : Coins: World > Europe > SwedenId number: 24645
Country of Manufacture: SwedenYear: 1979
Composition: Copper-NickelEstimated value: under 10 USD

Sub GeoNot Available
Coinage TypeReform Coinage
Denomination10 Ore
Catalog NumberKM# 850
Obverse DescriptionCrowned monogram divides date
Reverse DescriptionValue
Edge DescriptionPlain
Ruler NameCarl XVI Gustaf
Diameter (mm.)14.54
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