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Pan American World Airways, Inc. Stock Certificate

Pan American World Airways,  Inc.  Stock Certificate Transportation photo   Category : Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily > Transportation > Aviation
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Pan American World Airways,  Inc.  Stock Certificate Transportation photo 1


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by realsenorita (Jul 20, 2017)
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Category : Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily > Transportation > AviationId number: 181962
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The Pan Am brand was resurrected twice after 1991, although the reincarnations were related to Pan Am, and each other, in name only
Boston-Maine Airways, a sister company of the second reincarnation, still operates the "Pan Am Clipper Connection" brand
At its height during the early 1970s, Pan Am's advertising made the airline well known for its trademark slogan, "World's Most Experienced Airline
He cites an observation made by former Pan Am Vice President for External Affairs, Stanley Gewirtz:
The airline also lent its name and logo to a line of puzzles produced by puzzle manufacturer Tuco in the 1960s and 1970s
however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary
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