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Maine Central Railroad Company Bond Certificate

Maine Central Railroad Company Bond Certificate Transportation photo   Category : Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily > Transportation > Railroads
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Maine Central Railroad Company Bond Certificate Transportation photo 1


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by realsenorita (Jul 8, 2017)
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Category : Stocks & Bonds, Scripophily > Transportation > RailroadsId number: 181262
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The MEC established rail service to the Penobscot Bay in 1871 by leasing (for fifty years) the then just-completed 33 miles (53 km) of track built by the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad (B&ML)
The B&ML took over operation of its road on January 1,1926
The Maine Central was at its height by 1917 when it became nationalized during World War I under the United States Railroad Administration, having trackage which extended over 1,358 miles
however dating, denomination, certificate number and issuance details may vary
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