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Western Han Dynasty 115 - 113 B. C. " Chi Ze Wu Zhu " Ancient Chinese Coin

Western Han Dynasty 115 - 113 B.  C.     Category : Coins: Ancient > Other Ancient Coins
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Western Han Dynasty 115 - 113 B.  C.


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by panikovskij (Mar 23, 2016)
Item Information
Category : Coins: Ancient > Other Ancient CoinsId number: 153346
Ruler: Emperor WuDate Issued: 115-113 B.C.
Metal Type: Copper/BronzeSize: 24.83mm
Denomination: (Chi Ze) Wu ZhuWeight: 2.01g
Estimated value: under 10 USD
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ObverseWU ZHU
ReverseBlank, rim surrounding square inner hole, outer rim on both sides filed smooth
Hartill 8.6 and 8.7 Chinese Mint 115-113 B.C. 24.83mm 2.01g
Issued during the time of Emperor Wu, it was made 115-113 B.C. This variety is known as a Chi Ze Wu Zhu, which means red edge wu zhu
There is also an inner rim on the reverse side, the side that is blank
That the edge of the square on one side of the coin has a rim and on the other side it does not
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