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Russia, 5000 Rubles, P137, Specimen,

Russia,  5000 Rubles,  P137,  Specimen, Europe photo   Category : Paper Money: World > Europe > Russia
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Russia,  5000 Rubles,  P137,  Specimen, Europe photo 1Russia,  5000 Rubles,  P137,  Specimen, Europe photo 2


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by makar4eg (Mar 13, 2016)
Item Information
Category : Paper Money: World > Europe > RussiaId number: 152787
Country: RussiaType: Banknotes
Circulated/Uncirculated: UncirculatedEstimated value: around 2400 USD
More info
5000 Rubles,1922, P137, Specimen, Uniface, Obverse and Reverse
Obverse and Reverse specimens with good embossing,
slight wrinkling right of obverse, slight wrinkling right and left
of reverse side, otherwise about uncirculated,
Grading of paper money is subjective and may differ among independent grading services and among numismatists, even though grading has a material effect on the value of the paper money
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