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Celtic, Drachm, Silver, Type " Kugelwange ", Horse, Boier Tribe, 2. Century B. C.

Celtic,  Drachm,  Silver,  Type    Category : Coins: Medieval > Celtic
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Celtic,  Drachm,  Silver,  Type


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by tigrenokk3 (Dec 27, 2015)
Item Information
Category : Coins: Medieval > CelticId number: 148116
Celtic, drachm, silver, Type Kugelwange: head of Zeus, Rv: horse, ca. 2. century B.C.Estimated value: around 20 USD
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17mm max., AversLaureate and bearded head of Zeus to right, Revers: Horse advancing left, pellet in annulet above
1,7 cm, Aversbärtiger und belorbeerter Kopf des Zeus n. rechts, Revers: Pferd n. links, darüber Punktkreis
AR-Drachm (1.77g), diam
Eastern Celtic, Boier tribe, minted ca. 2nd Century B.C.
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