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Aelia Flaccilla. Ae2. (cyzicus)

Aelia Flaccilla.  Ae2.  (cyzicus) Coins: Ancient photo   Category : Coins: Ancient > Roman: Imperial (27 BC-476 AD)
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Aelia Flaccilla.  Ae2.  (cyzicus) Coins: Ancient photo 1


Numismatic data and valuation estimates provided by conyashnik (Sep 24, 2015)
Item Information
Category : Coins: Ancient > Roman: Imperial (27 BC-476 AD)Id number: 142761
Ruler: Aelia FlaccillaComposition: Bronze
Estimated value: under 10 USD
More info
Obv. AEL FLACCILLA AVG, diademed & draped bust right
Rev. SALVS REI PVBLICAE, Empress standing facing, arms folded over chest, head right, SMK [officina gamma] in exergue
Sear 20620.23 mm
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